Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Dragon's Egg - My MTG Dream Bag

Power 9 Pro's new product, designed for passionate collectors and MTG players, the best way to store your card collection and carrying wherever you go. The Dragon's Egg was inspired and designed by a passionate Magic player, James DiPadua. Here's what he said:

The Dragon's Egg was designed because I got sick of using cardboard boxes to carry around my constructed decks. I've had a number of cards get bent, nicked and smudged because the storage and transportation options for my MTG decks were inadequate.

After looking for a solution, I didn't really see anything that excited me. In fact, I remember clearly thinking, "I can make something better than this." And so I did.

I'm so confident that the Dragon's Egg will be a better option for transporting and protecting your Type 1, Type 2, Extended and Block decks than cardboard boxes that I back the Dragon's Egg by a lifetime 100% money back guarantee. You can't even guarantee me that your Tarmagoyf, Mutavault or Figure of Destiny will be worth 100% it's current value next year, so that's a pretty freaking great deal!

I'm really excited to offer a more practical and exciting way for Magic players to enjoy their passion while protecting their investment at the same time. Enjoy!

It's awesome. Click here for more info.

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