Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Cool Naya/Bant Combo

How to deal 5 damage on the second turn? Well, mostly it depends on your luck, but let's give it a try?

Turn 1: Plains + Akrasan Squire
Turn 2: Forest

You attack with the first Akrasan Squire and boost it with Resounding Roar. That's 3, plus 2 from the exalted.

Hopefully, you'll get the right cards and the opponent will take the damage.


  1. Nice combo there mate :D.

    Im Michael (18) and I have played MTG since I was six with my brothers :P.
    I love the color black with it's "destroy cards".
    I have a knigh deck with the colors white&black
    with cards from many editions.. :S

    1) When you play do you only use cards from one edition or do you have cards from more than one edition?

    2) What is your favorite card color?

  2. Hi Michael!

    I love those "destroy" cards too, when I started those were my favorite. I use cards from the latest sets, currently LORWYN, SHARDS OF ALARA and 10th EDITION. I'm not playing Extended, I enjoy Standard much more. :)

    I don't have a favorite card color, I enjoying playing red/black, but now I'm also amazed by some other-colored great cards.



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